Their first date was something only fairy tales are made of.

Mitch went all out and built Carissa the sweetest little wooden swing on his family's farm. There they sat, side by side, living in the moment that would begin their love story.

When it came time to pop the question, everyone wondered how Mitch would top their incredible first date. Well… he did! It was Christmas Eve and the two were on their way to celebrate the holiday season, when Mitch made a slight detour. Carissa, unsure of what was happening, felt that perhaps they should just get to where they needed to be. Mitch had other plans.

This time he took her to the farm, where he had built Carissa the most amazing pergola. It was sitting there lit up with Christmas lights, with a bench, some cozy blankets, surrounded by rose petals. There Mitch asked Carissa to be his bride.

Congratulations you two! We can’t wait to be a part of your amazing wedding day!